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Our wines are vinified in Gruissan, with grapes issued from small vine parcels selected for their singular characteristics: Looking for unique and exceptional terroirs is part of our DNA and philosophy.

Installed in the center of a fully equipped winery, in a dedicated area, we have access to a traditional vat room (Cement and stainless steel tanks), that we completed with several ovoid Flex Tank polyethylene’s vats, which allow us to vinify and age smalls batches separately, in order to preserve our selections tipicity.

Unusual ovoid shape of these tanks generates convection moves of the wine during vinification and aging phases, in addition their unique material delivers controlled micro-oxygenation equivalent to the one of wine barrels.

This configuration gives us great flexibility for the production of “Le Cartel” wines, this is one of our leitmotifs in this project: working without limits between authenticity, technicality and tradition.

Through this method, we seek to be as close as possible to the parcels, expressing and extracting their soul and the secret of each vine selected for Le Cartel.

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