Rosé Vieilles Vignes

Our Old Vines rosé comes from old Terret and Clairette vines (Terret Gris, Noir, Blanc).

The vineyard is located on the lower part of the Clape massif with an average age of 60 years.

This Grape’s varieties mosaic, associated with arid and stony limestone soils allows us to extract a complex and rich juice, in order to obtain a “terroir” rosé.

The style is full-bodied and aromatic, marked by the soils that gave him birth.

Age of the vines reinforces this straight and mineral profile.

Here again, production follows a minimalist process, not intrusive and respectful of the fruits.

After harvest, grapes are pressed and directly sent in cement vats, to begin their fermentation at low temperature (14 ° C) for 10 days.

After fermentation, 1/3 of the volume is placed in oak barrels, while 2/3 are aged in Flextank eggs for a period of around 2 months.

The whole is reassembled in stainless steel vats after this period, and continues its aging until bottling.

Our rosé differs from usual southern profiles flattering and aromatic, to offer a Triptych combining Fragrance, structure and delicacy.

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